We strive to make out a vision of promoting timber, this valuable resource, as an environmentally friendly material to all by being the front and forerunner in the industry.

Not only does timber as a resource prove useful product but it also serves the world by bringing down the level of carbon dioxide in the air, safeguarding our atmosphere.

We believe people’s materials of choice can change the world.


As a company that is dedicated to timber, Northants Green always works on promoting sustainable timber as our top preference materials. We aim to become the best in the industry by:


Service with a solid business relationship
Ethical & Streamlined business practices
Encourage timber, as a preferred choice
Desired for  effective work


We believe in value. Our team is well trained to look for the best value of products.

From years, Northants Green had strived to seek and build a relationship with those who are sharing the common value with us. Today, we pride ourselves with established worldwide connections with Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and China.

We are confident to bring out the best value of timber to satisfy our clients.

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