Scott Pine (redwood) Spruce (whitewood)Radiata PineTaeda Pine
Scott PineScott Pine also known as ‘redwood’ are supplied by us mainly from European continents. One way to identify pine wood is by noting the heartwood of the product- it is in a visibly clear shade of red or yellow. This wood is very easy to work with an average density of 480kg/m3 (Dried up MC15%) with Tensile amp & Bending strength (N/mm2) of 100.
Spruce Spruce is also a European timber wood. These are slow growing wood that has no clear distinction between heartwood and sapwood. On average, its density is around 440/kg ( Dried up MC15%). This quality makes it an excellent material for bearing loads and lining exteriors. Not only this, the Spruce is great for use in both indoors and outdoors. It has a tensile strength of 90 (N/m2) and Bending strength of 75 (N/mm2).
Radiata PineRadiata Pine or also known as ‘Pinus Radiata’ is a softwood that is versatile and medium density product. This is great for structural and decorative applications in framing, glue-laminated beams, linings, veneer, and plywood just to name a few. The density of this wood is about 460kg-560kg /m3 ( MC12%) with a bending strength of 85.8 MPa.
Taeda PineThe Taeda Pine is the second-most-common species of tree in the United States. The sapwood is colored white to yellow. One distinctive feature of this product is the growth rings it carries. The wood is mostly used in packaging in the form of crates, in construction materials, furniture and for poles.


Merbau are hardwoods with a density ranging from 515-1040. These woods have a smooth finish and are generally easy to work with. It is mostly used in decorative and utility furniture, paneling, joinery, etc.
Kapur are medium had woods ranging from densities 575-815. Like the Merbau, these are easy to work with and have a great finish with a tint of smoothening. It’s nailing properties are rated poorly. The wood is used in construction namely heavy and medium ones, in the making of utility furniture and in heavy duty flooring.
KempasThese woods are medium hardwood like the Kapur. The KEMPAS have densities ranging from 770-1120. They are fairly easy to work with and generally have a smooth finish. However, boring and turning It gives it a rough finish. The Kapur is used in heavy-duty construction, parquet flooring, paneling, railway sleepers, durable furniture and more.
MerantiMeranti is Light Hardwood with densities from 495 to 915. In general, these are easy to work with. They also produce an equally fairly smooth surface, similar to the Kempas, turning it gives it a rough finish. Meranti is mostly used in making furniture, paneling, joinery and providing frames for windows and doors.
RubberwoodRubberwood are light hardwoods. They have a density ranging from 560 to 640. They are also good to work with and generally provides a smooth finish. The nailing properties on this type of wood are good, and it is mostly used for molding and joinery as they are considered the best for the job due to their properties and are employed in the marking of durable furniture, paneling and partitioning, and parquet flooring.

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